Flight House

The project came as a challenge for us, due to the fact that the intervention took place on an already completed construction, which was 10 years old.

At first glance, the shape of the house was quite expressive but, unfortunately, through a unitary treatment of the facades, the important elements were not highlighted, which is why we considered  that by applying decorative plaster in different colors on the faces of the volumes we would create a more dynamic effect.

At the same time, at the level of the terrace, we proposed  disruption of materials, marking the pool, through the difference between the deck and the ceramic concrete floor obviously.

In addition to the ground floor main function, which has the function of the daylight area, a strong glazed extension with glass and aluminum joinery has been achieved. Opposite to this volume, there is another unit that has the function of a hobby room. Over these two units there is the volume with the night area function. As a vertical dominant, an accent was defined by another parallelepiped attached to the floor volume, to compleete the two units on the ground floor.

The metal elements were highlighted in yellow, so it contrasts white and black in the decorative plaster and blue color of the pool.


Buftea - Romania


Anatol Struna