Experimental Lobby

Our Experimental Lobby is a component of a larger entity that extends beyond our immediate surroundings. This concept transcends the cityscape as it is integrated into an Astronomic Study Centre located in Tokyo, Japan. Exploring the stars, sky, moon, and sun often delves into concepts beyond our understanding. Our design aims to take our clients on a journey beyond the city skyline, blending research and study with metaphorical elements and the mysteries of the universe.

When it comes to the design style, everything is centered on futuristic elements. The ability to see your reflection in everything, along with panels displaying constellations that reflect all around, creates a sense of floating in the cosmos, a void-like experience.

The tall ceilings and the carefully selected design elements such as lightning, furniture and every other detail are integral to creating an immersive experience for our clients, guiding them through unfamiliar spaces on a unique journey.


Tokyo - Japan