Danube Delta House

The modern rustic house concept exemplifies our affinity for contrasting elements as architects. Our design approach aims to create spaces that surprise while maintaining coherence and authenticity.

In our Danube Delta home concept, this philosophy is showcased through a rustic exterior blending wood and concrete siding, complemented by carefully crafted wood windows and columns. This creates an inviting facade, welcoming guests upon arrival.

Stone walkways, wood stairs, and terraces wind through lush landscaping, providing cozy retreats amidst nature. Residents can immerse themselves in outdoor vistas from the home’s open areas and balconies.

The grand entryway features an A-frame roof supported by wooden beams and columns, leading to double doors with tinted glass panels, reflecting our client’s cultural passion.

The Danube-delta backdrop complements the home’s aesthetic, with stone chimneys and gray roofing harmonizing with wooden support beams and walls. A covered patio on the lower level extends a warm invitation to boat arrivals, enhancing the home’s connection with nature.

In essence, our Danube-Delta home concept merges modern with rustic, creating a timeless and unique retreat.


Sarichioi - Tulcea