Central District Lagoon City Warsaw

Central District Lagoon City is one of the largest mixed use green urban regeneration project, completely transforming a large landscape into a unique, mixed-use 120.000 sqm built green entertainment development.

The project is built around an innovative and sustainable technology, patented worldwide, that allows the development of crystalline lagoons of large sizes.

Central District Lagoon City is the first self-sustainable project in Central and Eastern Europe, entirely endowed with self-regulating renewable energy resources, produced independently inside. The development complies with the highest sustainability standards in Europe, using renewable sources for heating, domestic hot water, electricity and cooling.

Central District Lagoon City is the new hot spot in town. The residents of Central District Lagoon City will experience a real paradise, a holiday mood all year long. Built around 3.000 sqm of white sandy beaches and a spectacular 10.000 sqm man-made turquoise lagoon – perfect for swimming and water sports, or just relaxing and enjoying the idyllic view of the water


Warsaw - Poland