Central District Lagoon City Miami

Miami Lagoon City, a future large mixed-use development in Miami will have a 13.000 sqm turquoise lagoon in the middle of the development and 7000 sqm of white sand beaches exclusively for his inhabitants.

Urban projects powered by Crystal Lagoons technology are completely changing the lives of home residents, by creating idyllic beaches just a few steps away from their homes. This is revolutionizing the real-estate market, transforming urban developments into paradise beach destinations. Crystal Lagoons technology enables residents to practice swimming and water sports such as sailing or kayaking among others; or to just relax on the beach and enjoy the idyllic view of turquoise water, without having to travel much further than their backyard. Crystal Lagoons is completely transforming the landscape into a magical turquoise water environment that can be enjoyed year-round.


Miami - U.S.A