Bonsai Story

Walking through this unique house feels like stepping into the study of a character from a Jules Verne novel. The homeowner lives an adventurous life, filled with experiences worldwide. This led to the collection of old maps, antiques, engines, and machinery, with the most intriguing pieces being the bonsai trees sourced from various locations.

Creating a harmonious space to reflect the owner’s diverse interests was a true challenge. Opting for a neutral backdrop of white walls and grey floors complemented the simple, uniformly colored furniture. This neutral setting provided a perfect backdrop for showcasing the owner’s most prized possessions, blending them into the environment.

To emphasize the owner’s passion for engines and mechanisms, some of these items were integrated into the furniture. Visible sections of the plumbing system and metal-covered walls added an industrial touch to the overall ambiance. Maps adorned the walls and floors, forming captivating patterns that guided visitors through the house.

The extensive bonsai collections, along with the insectariums, were thoughtfully displayed throughout the house. The homeowner can now proudly exhibit his treasures, offering guests a museum-like experience while sharing the fascinating stories behind each piece.


Maine - USA