Bohemian Apartment

This design concept focused on creating spacious areas where one can move freely and feel unrestricted. The apartment incorporates glass partitions and mirrors to enhance the sense of space.

Upon entering, you are welcomed by a dining space adorned in calming blue tones, complemented by cream fabrics and wooden accents. This area connects the kitchen, separated by a sleek black glass divider, to the cozy living room, perfect for relaxation with soft pillows. Adjacent to the living room is a playful children’s area, complete with a whimsical design featuring colorful balloons and a cheerful rabbit motif.

The decor throughout the house features neutral cream hues, rich wooden elements, and touches of blue. Carefully selected finishes include decorative plaster in common areas, custom wallpapers in the children’s rooms, and chic chevron parquet flooring. The house boasts two bathrooms, one for the children and the other for the master bedroom.

The bedrooms are personalized to suit each occupant’s personality. The girl’s room is styled in soft pink tones with a mountain-themed accent wall behind the bed. The boy’s room showcases blue hues with playful animal wallpaper and orange accents. The master bedroom, accessed through a stylish dressing room, exudes a cool yet inviting vibe with concrete and velvet textures.

Both bathrooms feature clean lines with subtle pops of color. The smaller bathroom boasts a spacious bathtub enclosed by a glass partition, while the master bathroom exhibits a minimalist design with a striking accent wall. Spotlights and LED strips provide ambient lighting in both bathrooms, enhancing their modern aesthetic.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna