Armadillo Offices

The architectural design of the project in Vancouver, Canada, is driven by functional and programmatic requirements while integrating principles of security, privacy, and sustainability. Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the design aims to harmonize human activity with the natural environment, promoting wellbeing and coexistence with wildlife.

The project focuses on creating a secure and functional space while preserving the natural landscape and existing vegetation. It utilizes a modular construction approach to minimize impact on the environment, with careful consideration given to the placement of structures around trees and vegetation. Long roof overhangs collect water for reuse and protect interior spaces from the elements.

The site is demarcated into secured, public, and restricted zones, with open spaces and designed screens managing publicness and privacy. Taking cues from traditional Japanese architecture, the arrangement of open spaces progresses hierarchically, leading from outer courtyards to inner sanctums. Reforested teak wood and durable materials are used for construction, combining local materials with modern techniques to create long-lasting structures.

Bioclimatic strategies inform the orientation and disposition of elements, optimizing solar orientation, wind patterns, and energy consumption. The design integrates water collection systems, efficient mechanical systems, and landscaping irrigation to minimize resource usage and environmental impact


Vancouver - Canada