Archtriumph Pavilion

Archtriumph Pavilion – “Sky Pavilion” design competition challenged architects all around the world to create a temporary structure for a park located in the centre of London. The pavilion aims to create an attractive and playful space that would encourage its visitors to meditate on the importance of the sky and its elements in their lives.
The key aspect of the proposal is to create a central focus in the park, encouraging people to actively take part in the life of the structure, by experiencing it.
An almost dramatic effect is generated by the game between light, shadow, reflective floor and white wires.
The pavilion’s appearance changes according to the weather and the people who interact with it, working as a field of activity without walls.
The use of the moire effect plays an important role in creationg optical illusions, therefore becoming an urban mirage.
The pavilion tries not to define the permanent or the unchangeable but, on the contrary, to express the ephemeral state of everything that surrounds us.


London - United Kingdom