First Video in the Metaverse: showcasing innovative projects

As we know, the “METAVERSE” in science fiction is a hypothetical version of the Internet, envisioned as a single, universal, and immersive virtual world facilitated by virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Our strategy at Razvan Barsan + Partners involves the art and technique of designing structures within this immersive digital universe, where people can interact with 3D models virtually. We play a key role in conceptualizing experiences that mirror and improve real-world designs.

On May 30th, our team at Razvan Barsan + Partners had the honor of participating in the Night of Architecture Offices, part of Romanian Design Week. Our theme was “Vitruvian Visions,” a concept that reimagined the Vitruvian Man in the Metaverse. 

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of our Metaverse World. Our team created stunning digital realms, guided by the Vitruvian Man:

Monarch: Inspired by nature’s beauty and symmetry, this universe blended perfect proportions with breathtaking natural landscapes. Nestled on the tranquil Anuanurunga island in French Polynesia, the Monarch project is a stunning tribute to the majestic butterfly and the concept of metamorphosis. Comprising four remarkable structures that mirror the grace and beauty of these winged creatures, Monarch enchants visitors with its seamless blend of artistry and natural beauty.

Each Monarch structure embodies transformation, symbolizing the journey from modest beginnings to great heights. These architectural marvels evoke wonder and magic, encouraging exploration and contemplation. At its core, Monarch carries a profound message of renewal and rebirth, echoing the natural life cycles that define the lush French Polynesian landscapes.

9999 Data Center: A futuristic world focused on durability and resilience, with structures designed to withstand extreme conditions. The main function of the 9999 Data Center is as a data hub, with server rooms at its nucleus. These are located in glass-enclosed premises, providing visibility from most exterior and interior spaces. Positioned at the highest point in the area, the structure uses glass to offer 360-degree visibility of the surroundings. The use of metal for structural elements allows for spectacular design features that emphasize the robustness and futuristic nature of the data center.

7777 Museum of Emotions: A universe dedicated to beauty and emotions, where buildings are art pieces meant to evoke strong feelings. The 7777 Museum of Emotions uses architecture to bring out different emotions in its visitors. It features two separate halls inducing contrasting emotions—one for negative emotions and the other for positive ones. The design concept communicates solely through visuals, emphasizing the emotional impact of architecture.

The Vitruvian Man led visitors through these immersive worlds, demonstrating how classical principles can be applied in diverse contexts. Our animations brought these digital environments to life, offering an interactive and engaging experience.

Participating in the Night of Architecture Offices was a wonderful opportunity to share our vision with the world. Our foray into the Metaverse highlights our commitment to blending classical principles with cutting-edge technology, paving the way for new and exciting developments in architectural design.