Award Mixed Use 4 Elements | Build Magazine 2019

The prestigious British magazine Build Magazine awarded the Best Residential Premium Real-Estate Developers Romania award to Forty Management & Investments.
Central District 4 Elements received the award for Mixed Development (residential and commercial)
Forty Management received two weeks ago from the International Property Awards, the „2019-2020 Residential Development Romania” award for the Central District Future project134 and the „2019-2020 Mixed-Use Development Romania” award for the Central District 4 Elements project.
The company launched in Romania the affordable luxury strategy, which means an excellent price-quality ratio, and for the Central District 4 Elements project, for example, at a construction quality similar to that of the premium projects.
We try every project we develop to offer, together with decent prices and a high quality of housing, which will position us among the top European developers. In Central District 4 Elements we will implement for the first time in a real estate project residential a running track on the block and a relaxation area with outdoor cinema.