Bisazza Headquarters | Vicenza 2014

In august 2014 we accepted the invitation of Alessandro Bisazza at the company’s showroom in order to research a new residential project.

As the visitors reach the entrance to the domain, they are introduced to a dreamlike atmosphere that expresses freshness, naturalness, individuality, abundance and affluence. The attention is drawn by green spaces, lawns, subtle water fountains plated with mosaic and hedges, by perfectly finished bamboos that reach a height of 10 meters. As the clients reach the end of the rotunda street, they are greeted and welcomed by the staff.

Carlo Dal Bianco is the main architect and designer of Bisazza building and coordinator of all interior undertakings. He is the architect of the showroom’s facade whose design is composed entirely of small mosaic tiles, with an imposing model that continues from the exterior toward the interior (wall to ceiling) in the reception area (ventilated facade system). The bold, floral pattern is accentuated by light emanating from the floor and the soffit found on the upper level, but also by the shape of the wall and the ceiling. The continuity of the design is interrupted by the presence of a frameless, stained-glass surface.

Bisazza’s showroom is an elaborate space dedicated to the display of luxury mosaic, a product that motivates the company to invests in innovation, quality and design. Visitors can clearly see the location’s Italian influence, attention to detail, clarity, refinement and subtlety.