H Eliade Lobby

H Eliade Lobby is a stunning showcase of opulent design that mesmerizes with its lavish features and magnificence. Upon entering this splendid area, you are surrounded by an ambiance of timeless grace and elegance.

H Eliade Lobby boasts a rich blend of marble and gold, meticulously fashioned to radiate an air of luxury and distinction. The lighting scheme in H Eliade Lobby is truly remarkable, reminiscent of the ethereal beauty of drifting clouds in the sky. Soft, diffused light bathes the space, creating a feeling of warmth and serenity that envelops guests in a peaceful atmosphere.

The lofty ceiling further amplifies the sense of space and grandeur, reaching towering heights that inspire awe and reverence. This towering aspect not only highlights the lobby’s opulence but also offers a feeling of openness and expansiveness, encouraging guests to explore and savor its luxurious ambiance.

Every aspect of this project is meticulously chosen to evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.


Bucharest - Romania