Umber House

Umber House project name draws inspiration from the rich hues of its exterior palette, which reflect the warmth of its surroundings. By blending sleek modern lines with natural materials such as steel, concrete, wood, and glass, the house achieves a harmonious balance that complements the colors of the sunset. These elements soften the minimalist design, resulting in a fusion of contemporary style and organic charm.

With its expansive layout, Umber House features generous open spaces flooded with natural light streaming in through large windows. The spacious terraces provide inviting settings for social gatherings and moments of relaxation. By incorporating organic forms, materials, and a cohesive color scheme, the residence seamlessly integrates with its natural environment.

A reflective pool positioned along the terrace, adjacent to the living room, further enhances the connection between nature and living spaces, emphasizing the project finesse.


Cluj-Napoca - Romania